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Soaking & Sprouting

Soaking & Sprouting Nuts, seeds, beans & grains Grains, seeds, tree nuts and most beans contain enzyme inhibitors. Foods with enzyme inhibitors are very difficult to digest and slow down our body’s communication pathways. Enzyme inhibitors lead to many health issues (obesity, gas, bloating, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, fatigue, diabetes) and general poor wellbeing. […]

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The Power of Movement

Movement – an essential feature of health & wellbeing For years, I went to see traditional doctors and therapists to alleviate my back pain. But I was not getting better and for years, the pain stayed with me. Until I discovered the power of movement. It took me a long time of trials and experimentation, […]

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How I Changed My Life

Inspiration Inspiring and life-changing: these are the two words that best describe my journey towards health. It all started when I was a teenager and pain crept on me on a regular basis. I went the traditional way, seeing doctors and “experts” who temporarily relieved my symptoms but did not offer any long-term solutions. I […]

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