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FREE discovery call

Free 15-minutes Discovery Call.

This will allow us to discuss your concerns and how I might be able to assist you, decide on the next steps and what to expect.

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Initial Consultation

This will typically last 60 minutes. Prior to the appointment, you will be sent and asked to complete online a 3-day food diary and a health questionnaire. You will need to return these two documents to me at least 3 working days before we meet together. The information will form the basis of our consultation.

During the consultation, we will delve deeper into the answers you provided in your health questionnaire. We will discuss your current health concerns, define your goals and go through in-depth questions about your health, what you have done and what you are doing – or not! There are no right or wrong answers: these questions are just a means to draw a global picture of where your health is at this point in time so we can work from a baseline.

Following this consultation, you will then receive your personalised and tailored nutrition and lifestyle protocol. This will also include any supplement or additional testing recommendations (which can be done via the NHS or privately – refer to the Tests page, below, for further information), and any GP referral letters considered necessary.

I will be available between appointments to discuss any questions you may have and to support you on your journey.

Price: £105

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Follow-Up Consultation

This usually takes place 4 to 6 weeks after your initial consultation and lasts around 30 minutes.

We will review how you got on with the plan, what you managed to do or what you struggled with.

We will address and adjust for any new issues you may have or any aspect of the plan you did not manage. We will “tweak” the plan in collaboration with each other, so you are comfortable going forward.

Price: £75

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All appointments can be done face-to-face (Covid-19 dependent) or through Skype/Zoom and others.

*Please note that any medical test fees are not included in consultations or packages.

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