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FREE discovery call

Free 15-minute Discovery Call.

This will allow us to discuss your concerns and how I might be able to assist you, decide on the next steps and what to expect.

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Initial Consultation

Private 60-minute 1-to-1 consultation

Health Review

  • In-depth holistic evaluation with detailed health questionnaire
  • Empathy & care to help you deal with your health concerns

Health Strategy

  • Support & encouragement to reach your health goals
  • Personalised and tailored nutrition and lifestyle protocol
    that we agree on together & that works for YOU
  • Supplement and/or additional testing recommendations
  • No judgement. I am here to help you, and there are no right or wrong answers!

From £105 – online (an additional £20 applies for face-to-face consultation)

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Follow-Up Consultation

Private 30-minute 1-to-1 consultation (4-6 weeks later)

  • 30-minute holistic health review with updated health questionnaire
  • Looking at what worked and what didn’t, what you managed and what you struggled with – and appropriate adjustments
  • Ongoing support & encouragement with your health goals
  • Revised personalised and tailored nutrition and lifestyle protocol – so you can stay on tract
  • Supplement and/or additional testing recommendations

From £75 – online (an additional £20 applies for face-to-face consultation)

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All appointments can be done face-to-face (Covid-19 dependent) or through Skype/Zoom and others.

*Please note that any medical test fees are not included in consultations or packages.

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