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Andrea - London

“I was really pleased to meet you. We discussed my asthma symptoms and my menopausal hot flushes.  We ascertained that, although I was mostly following a healthy eating and exercise regime, some improvements could be made to my diet.  I followed (mostly!) your advice and I found that my symptoms in both areas improved. I really enjoyed our consultations. 

You were very warm and welcoming, yet professional, and your questions were thorough but not invasive.  Your manner was very inviting and I felt completely at ease with you.  I found the consultations positive, informative and you gave me plenty to think about. 

You made me feel far more aware of what I was eating and about my lifestyle”.

Bowl of healthy vegetables and chicken

Victoria - London

“I was extremely impressed by my consultations with Emmanuelle.

She was very thorough and professional and I found the sessions very informative. Since the consultations I’m delighted to say that I have completely changed my thinking and approach to my nutrition. I have a newfound appreciation for food and my health has noticeably improved.

Thank you so much for all your help”.

Female hand holding a spoon over a bowl of Granola With Greek Yogurt And Berries