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“The difference between who you are and
who you want to be
is what you do

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What I Do

I am passionate about health, wellbeing and nutrition.

I do not believe in diets. I believe in nutrition made simple: cooking nutritious food does not have to be complicated. In fact, natural foods are the easiest to prepare!

By looking at the interactions between the mind and the body, we influence our bodily functions and our wellbeing.

I want to inspire you to take ongoing positive steps to achieve zest, vitality and optimal health.

My approach is practical and holistic, taking into consideration the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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My Services

I offer one-to-one consultations as well as packages.

My protocols are personalised and tailored to your individual needs, looking at the root causes of your concerns.

Goals are realistic, achievable and easily adapted to your specific circumstances.

Suggestions are simple and easy to follow so you can implement them in your daily life and achieve meaningful results.



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About Me

After years of pain, I decided to take charge of my wellbeing and went back to studying. I am now a fully trained, independent and registered Nutritional Therapist.

I learned that by changing my eating and lifestyle habits, as well as listening to my body and managing my emotions, I can achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Now I want to share my knowledge with others so you can experience vibrant health as well.

I strongly believe in evidence-based nutritional therapy and follow the principles of Functional Medicine and Naturopathy which address the root causes of dis-eases.